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I had a great deal of fun writing this story so I hope my readers do also. Enjoy! (;----------Katherine had offered her to stay the weekend at her house on Friday after everyone had gone home for the night. Katherine had gone back to her old ways and
READING ALLOWED, Part 2By lamignonne and ZenmackieThe day was endless and agonizing for Marie.Shed been tempted to stay in bed.Surely, if she went to class and work and followed her normal routine, everyone who crossed her path would somehow be able t
A couple days later, Steven and James returned from their trip. Stacy was starting to have second thoughts about what she was doing with David behind James' back, and knew that she couldn't keep it going without him eventually finding out. W
Chapter OneHer sweet smile, that was the first thing Isaac noticed about her. Having just stepped into his favorite diner, he found his eyes drawn to the cute waitress maneuvering through the tables with a pot of coffee in one hand and a tray of food
Chapter 24ELENAS PARTYOn the way home Claire stopped at the park.Naked and kneeling with her legs spread, she pissed and masturbated herself to a very satisfying orgasm.Rather than barely tasting her piss as she had in the past, she cupped her hands a