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This is a continuation from my last story of my mother visiting me at my basic training graduation. If you want to know our first time then please read that first.She said she would see me at my graduation from AIT but things fell through and she wasn
Young David had a gambling problem. He'd bet on anything with anyone and one day his dad decided to consult his teacher.The teacher said Mr. Gaines, I think I know what to do to teach David a lesson, We'll trap him into a big wager that he&#
It was about 10:30 Friday night and I had just gotten home from running with my friends. I was tired and a little drunk from three beers I sneaked at a party. My parents were still at the bowling lanes; they wouldn’t be home until after midnight
I've worked for my company since I graduated, I keep myself to myself since it's mainly men I work with. I come in, do my job and go home and forget about it.A few months ago I had to go in our supplies office to fetch some paper and one of
We had gone shopping and were in line behind a voluptuous but older woman who they chatted with briefly while waiting in line. She had a sexy southern accent and had on a tight skirt and button up blouse. I have no idea how she had got all of her item