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I had a crush on my teacher.Saying it now feels like no big deal, but at the time I remember it was the hugest thing. It was kind of stupid - boys were allowed to talk about how hot their teachers were, and you couldn’t go a single lunch period
Part 1 Chapters 1-6If you recognize part of the story it's because someone else partially wrote it and I changed much of it to improve on what could have been a good story, and continued it. I hope you all enjoy this story.Chapter 1May-Ling was f
There is a man who walks into a gun shop one day. He points to a gun and says, "Can I take a look at that one?" to the store owner. "Sure why not." The man gets the gun and looks through the scope and does checks on weight and such
The next few weeks were our chance to fall into a rhythm. Ronnie slept with us and everyone fucked each other. Sometimes me and her, sometimes her and Chelsea, sometimes Chelsea and me but mostly just the three of us. Needless to say, it was awesome.
One.Packing for a wilderness camping trip can be a pain.The balance between weight and utility is different for every trip.In this particular instance, eight of us were going into the mountains in early summer.I wanted to trim the weight I was carryin