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The comment section has been limited members only due to the abuse by spammers and other idiots.This story has been edited to meet the new age rule.Please feel free to PM me if you wish.LuckyBuying the Family Next DoorThe PurchaseMy name is Gary.I&rsq
Hi I am Jayaleksmi a 25 year old Indian housewife. This is an event that occurred recently which I could not forget ever.It was a very hot day. I was sweating when i came out from the supermarket. It was then the unfortunate incident happened. One of
What type of Nut are These?1st personWhat do you call a nut on a pea?2nd PersonI don't know?1st PersonA Peanut[u]1st person again[/u]What do you call a nut on a Wall?2nd person(says either)I don't know? OR a Wallnut.[u]1st person again[/u]Wh
The Night before His VisitAmanda jumped into bed . . . the pink hair brush on her nightstand dropped to the carpet. She had heard of girls using a brush handle to excite themselves and maybe that would be how she could fall asleep tonight . . . while
I see him lying there, in bed waiting for me.We just finished our shower so I know he is clean.I also know from our fun in the shower that he is horny for Me.There he is, lying there naked.My body betrays me, although I dried myself, I can feel a wetn