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I am 28 years old and life was good till the pandemic, then I lost my job, had to sell my car and struggled to pay for my flat rent. I saw Kathleen the flat owner and she told me she had some jobs I could do to in lieu of rent at her home which I foun
This Story contains acts of homosexuality and incest of young teenage boys, so if you have any problems with these topics do not read on!!!!! This is the second of many stories about two brothers and their friend's and their fun times together as
I was flicking through the late night porn channels on my cable when my doorbell went. I'd been waiting for Sam - a guy I didn't know well, but I had been working with remotely. Getting flyers designed and printed. I let him in and lead him
Gone To The Dogs (part 4)Sister-Lindsay. Older by 2 yearsDad-RogerMom-Becky, or Rebecca Depends on how my Dad's feeling. Mom to mePotential g/f-Tanya CraigTanya's bestie-Lisa PrideMy buds-Trent, Steve, Jay, and Troy I watch Tanya's bum
We had taken Kim out a few times to the beach and continued her sex education with the guys and group fucks, by now she was willing to try any thing. After checking to make sure she was free to stay over Saturday night, for some fun, I rang a mate of