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The Resistance: Part 2Ok so wasn't sure on writing a part 2 for this as part 1 got a lot of mixed responses. I've decided to go ahead and give it another try so hope it's good enough for everyone this time around ^_^. Stats for Josh, As
Fifty rounds per minute, the A4 held close to his chest, the air five feet in front of him as thick as blood, dark with smoke and fog, debris from a city slowly going back to its primordial roots.  Fifty rounds per minute down the alley east to t
Consensual sex, revenge, phone sexOk guys my story is different in that I'm not talking about some young fantastic bodied lovers. Face it, we all age, some of us get divorced, life goes on. My name is Ted and I am oh let's say 50ish. Divorce
A WORD OF CAUTION TO ONE AND ALL:This and any other story submitted and published by perv4lilgrrls may, shall and will contain conversation, situations and instances which may seem offensive to none, some and/or all persons who dare endeavor to peruse
Chapter 1This is my story… No. This is my confession. I’m not sure if what I did was a crime but it was certainly against nature. My last year in college and in fact the last few weeks until I was going to be ceremoniously shoved into the