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I woke up and looked Tara who was sleeping peacefully next to me; I stroked her hair back and looked at her angelic face. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed quietly. I got out of the bed and put some clothes on and headed outside. The first cou
Mandy puts the finishing touches on her makeup in front of the mirror.It's Saturday night and she's going out on the town.This time she's going somewhere new and different.She long since tired of the same old bars she had been frequenti
I am 28 years old and life was good till the pandemic, then I lost my job, had to sell my car and struggled to pay for my flat rent. I saw Kathleen the flat owner and she told me she had some jobs I could do to in lieu of rent at her home which I foun
My beautiful wife Patricia and I were set to celebrate our 15th anniversary.She is a gorgeous green-eyed brunette with fair skin, soft full lips, succulent 36D breasts, small waist, tight firm ass, and warm wet pussy.I was looking forward to a couple
Mind-Control PantiesStory Eleven: Adorable & Naughty GymnastsBy mypenname3000Copyright 2019Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!The figure was quite adept at slipping in and out of stores to drop off its mind-controlling panties. It stepped